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Mid-range systems: the secrets to a long fleet life!

What is the difference between automatic and manual setting?

The inevitability of manual sizing is uneven lubrication cycle!
An uneven lubrication cycle causes waste of lubricant, allows pollutants to enter the camp, causing premature wear and significantly affecting bearing life.

This is where automatic lubrication comes into play, ensuring that. optimum lubricant quantity, thus avoiding over- and under-estimation.

Automatic continuous lubrication extends the life of bearings and prevents unplanned downtime. Small, frequent amounts of lubricant during bearing movement. prolong bearing life.


*Frequency of manual lubrication and amount of lubricant compared to automatic system shown in the graph.

Why bearings fail: 34.4% inadequate lubrication - 19.6% contamination - 18.6% other causes - 17.7% installation errors - 6.9% bearing overload - 2.8% storage and handling errors.

Why is automatic lubrication necessary?

Choosing a manual lubrication system for your industrial applications can. esmapilgul seem like a cheap solution. However, when all the problems involved are taken into account and compared with the advantages of an automatic sizing system, the latter ultimately proves to be the most profitable solution.

Disadvantages of manual smearing

  • It is dangerous to lubricate the lubrication points of machines while they are working.
  • Leaving the machine idle will cause a reduction in production.
  • Removing guards and covers is time-consuming, leading to additional costs.

Excessive lubrication can cause:

  • Excessive heat build-up
  • Damage to components
  • Damage to seals
  • Cleaning problems
  • More downtime

Under-designation can lead to:

  • Increased wear on components
  • Damage to bearings
  • Premature failures
  • Higher energy consumption
  • Higher operating and maintenance costs

In which areas can averaging systems be used?

Averaging systems are widely used in a variety of sectors, including. industry, in transport and in energy production. They help to ensure longer machine life, reduce maintenance costs and improve productivity.

Contact us to discuss the specifics of your machinery and equipment and your expectations for mid-range systems. Our experts can provide detailed information on systems Costs and benefits and help you understand how these systems can help your business. We can also discuss project payback times and how mid-range systems can help. reduce maintenance costs.

We represent a US manufacturer GRACO lubrication technologies in Estonia. GRACO has been involved in the development of this field since 1926, and the company's beginnings date back to the invention by one of its founders of the pneumatic lubrication gun, which today is a common tool in every machine maintenance workshop.

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