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Industrial ventilation

We provide our customers with modular ventilation units for a variety of applications - whether it's to improve the air exchange in a production hall, to capture the energy from a drying oven or to provide air exchange in a colour room.

We can offer equipment with air exchange rates of 2000-100 000 m3/h. The units are made of galvanised metal or stainless steel sheet with a thickness of 0.8 mm and an insulation of 50 kg/m3. Panel thickness 50 mm.

Equipment can be assembled according to requirements:

  • Standard modular equipment
  • Humid conditions
  • ATEX conditions
  • Equipment for outdoor installation
  • Hygienic conditions


In addition to complete ventilation units, we can also supply additional system components such as fans, water heat exchangers, damper blades, piping parts, etc. Of course, we also have ventilation filters in our range.

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Industrial air coolers

MET MANN industrial air conditioners successfully use simple cooling technology. This technology consists in the evaporation of water by passing a certain volume of air through water-wetted panels. This results in a drop in air temperature and a rise in humidity.

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Filtrid lenduvate orgaaniliste ühendite kontrollimiseks

Filters for the control of volatile organic compounds

Catalytic-jet-carbon filters for industries to find a solution to capture volatile organic compounds and protect the environment.

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Ventilation filters

Frame filters, bag filters, filter mats, etc. - all filters for industrial use available.

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Tööstuslikud ventilaatorid

Industrial fans

Industrial fans are indispensable pieces of equipment that play a vital role in many manufacturing and processing processes, providing efficient air movement and ventilation.


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Ventilatsiooni agregaadid

Ventilation aggregates

Various ventilation units for industries, paint booths, humid areas with water heating, gas heating, oil heating, etc.

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