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VOC filters

In cooperation with Mölnbacka Industri AB, a Swedish company established back in 1989, we supply gas catalytic charcoal filters to industries to find a solution to trap volatile organic compounds and protect the environment. The first filter unit of this type was installed in 1990 and today more than 60 units have been installed.

MIAB is a full supplier of these products, designing the equipment, creating the automation and fire safety systems and installing them with the help of a team of local representatives - Elister OÜ.

The MIAB air purification unit is fully automatic and requires minimal supervision and management. When production starts in the factory, the air purification unit starts up automatically. When production is complete, the purifier shuts itself down, sensing a lack of solvent emissions.

All the necessary software and hardware is supplied with the unit. The cleaning unit is controlled by a PLC, monitored by system sensors. The PLC continuously checks the accuracy of the programmed parameters. This is crucial to maintain the expected high performance of the cleaning unit. With the help of the operating system, customer operators can remotely control the air cleaning unit. Once the MIAB is set up, our specialists can monitor the unit via the Internet.

The station's operating parameters are recorded simultaneously for customer files and reporting to regulators. Examples of the parameters recorded are the amount of oxidised VOCs (volatile organic compounds), energy consumption, availability, cleaning efficiency, alarm and all process related information such as temperature and pressure drop at the plant.

Equipment installed in Estonia has a cleaning efficiency measured by the Environment Agency of over 98%!

Areas concerned

MIAB FD activated carbon filter

This type of purification system is suitable for high air, with low concentrations of solvents. Typical volume range 15,000 - 250,000 m3/h and concentration range 0 - 1000 mg/m3.

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MIAB F carbon filter

MIAB F is suitable for low air currents and volatile organic compounds. In this process, the air passes through a filter containing activated carbon. The activated carbon is replaced when it becomes saturated with volatile organic compounds. MIAB F is available in two different versions. A stationary version where the carbon is exchanged on site and a second version where the filter is transported to a reactivation station.

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MIAB D catalyst

A purification system where the process air is purified by catalytic oxidation. This system is suitable for small process air streams with high concentrations of volatile organic compounds. Typical capacities are 500-12 000 m3/h with concentrations from 1g/m3 to 12g/m3 The system consists of a heat exchanger, an electrical heating section, a fan and an oxidation unit. If required, the MIAB D catalyst can be installed in multiple units to provide the desired air volume. The MIAB D catalyst can be used [...]

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