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Heat recovery is important at Sami AS powder coating plant







Sami AS, known as one of Estonia's leading engineering companies, operates four factories: two in Saue and two in South Estonia. Rapid development and constant change in the industry have led to significant changes in production processes and logistics.

In 2023, Sami expanded its production capacity in Saue by adding a new production hall equipped with modern powder coating. This development allowed the consolidation of the drafting department in the same building.


Sami AS's objective in starting the powder coating line project was multifaceted, focusing mainly on the following aspects:

  1. Improving energy efficiency: Given today's environmental consciousness and the need to conserve energy, Sami AS aimed to find solutions that would reduce their energy consumption and increase overall system efficiency.

  2. Optimising the production process:  modernise its production process to achieve high quality as well as speed of production, while ensuring a safe and healthy working environment for workers.

  3. Environmentally friendly solutions: Reducing the environmental footprint was also important, using innovative and sustainable technologies such as heat recovery.

  4. Cost optimisation: The project also aimed to financially find ways to reduce long-term costs, including energy costs, through more efficient and energy-saving technologies.

During this project, Sami AS focused on achieving these goals by integrating new technologies and systems to take its production to the next level.

If you believe that there are places in your production where heat can be reused or you are looking for ways to do so, contact us and we will put ourselves to the test!


In today's rapidly changing world, where energy saving and system efficiency are increasingly important, we integrated an innovative heat management solution into Sami AS's powder coating line. This not only reduces energy consumption, but also supports the following important functions:

 - Heat energy recovery: we use the heat from the baking oven for powder coating in a smart way, reducing the need for additional energy.

 - Ventilation in the assembly and painting shop: the heat from the oven helps to ensure fresh air throughout the shop ventilation system, reducing the need for an external energy source.

We allocate heat as follows:
A. The first step is to transfer the heat to the metal bath to maintain the temperature.
B. The remaining heat is transferred to the central heating system.
C. We use the energy from the oven to heat the entire ventilation system in the respective shop, which ensures fresh air for the workers. This unit does not require additional energy from elsewhere.

The projected payback period for such a system is around 5 years, but given the steadily rising energy costs, the real payback period may be shorter.

In addition, we are ready to divert surplus heat energy to domestic hot water and to use the energy surplus from compressors to produce compressed air. 

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"In today's competitive global market, efficiency and cost savings of all kinds are important for our company. This is why conserving resources, especially energy, has become a central part of our business. The results of the project, which we carried out in collaboration with the Elister OÜ team, have been remarkable. Not only have we been able to reduce our energy bills, but we have also taken a big step forward in realising our vision of green thinking. This is important not only for the financial sustainability of our business, but also for our commitment to reducing our environmental impact. Thanks to the know-how and commitment of the Elister OÜ team, we have achieved significant benefits that will help us to remain competitive in challenging market conditions."
Tulevara CEO
Tulevara OÜ

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