Gostol GG - kummist lintkonveieriga trummelautomaat - Elister

Gostol GG - Drum machine with rubber belt conveyor

The drum machine with rubber belt is ideal for mass-produced parts. GG-type dispensers are available in different sizes, capable of accepting up to 1000 kg (500 l capacity) single fill/load.
If you want to automate the process, the parts can be loaded into the machine using a hydraulic loader made to the customer's specific requirements. During unloading, the parts are dropped onto a vibrating or unloading conveyor belt and transported to the next operation.

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When the shot blasting machine is operating in automatic mode, the processed objects are loaded into the machine by means of a hydraulic loader adapted to the customer's specific component containers. The cleaned parts are dropped onto a vibrator or belt discharge conveyor and transported to the next operation.

The body of the LNG machine is protected by a wear-resistant manganese steel lining. High efficiency is ensured by an automatic and continuous abrasive handling and recall system, which allows abrasives to be returned and cleaned continuously. The following components are standard on larger machines:

  • PLC,
  • indicator,
  • timer,
  • automatic or manual mode,
  • automatic turbine start-up,
  • hours counter, etc.

G-type shotcrete machines can be equipped with magnetic iron separator, vibration conveyer and inverters for turbines.